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Cryo in the Sun 2019 

When: October 14-18 2019

What: Room temperature and cryo-preparation of biological and material samples for light microscopy and electron microscopy.

This 4.5-day course provides participants with a solid introduction to practical microtomy, ultramicrotomy, and cryosectioning methods for the wide range of specimens encountered in today’s exotic nanoworld.

Where: RMC Boeckeler headquarters in Tucson, Arizona


Course Literature
Personalized staff time
Hotel Accommodations
Transportation to and from hotel
Course lab time and material
Two meals and snacks provided each day
Hands-on sectioning sessions
Specimens preparation and embedding 
Workflow for LM and EM

Instruments include:
PTPC Ultramicrotome
LN Ultra Cryosectioning System
MT990 Microtome
CRX Cryosectioning System
GKM2 Glass Knife Maker

Highlights include:
Bring your own samples
Small class sizes
Preparing samples and imaging in TEM
Networking with peers

Please note that this course is free for customers who have purchased a cryo-ultramicrotome package within the last year.

RSVP by September 27, 2019.

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