JEOL JFD-V Freeze Fracture System

Creates high resolution replicas of ultra rapidly frozen specimens.

The JEOL JFD-V provides state-of-the-art technology for freeze etch and freeze fracture specimen preparation.


  • Platinum/Carbon electron beam guns
  • High speed turbopumped vacuum system
  • Air locks on sample
  • Knife & EB gun chambers
  • Large, internally illuminated, vacuum chamber with wide viewing angle observation window
  • Specimen observation stereomicroscope
  • Rotating/Tilting specimen stage with motor driven rotation and 0-90° tilt
  • Pt-C and C EB guns and power supply with shutter drive circuit for OEM control
  • Fully automated, turbomolecular pumped vacuum system with integrated rotary pump and compressor
  • Vacuum load locks for specimen, EB gun material and knife change
  • Precision knife mechanism with micrometer control provides vertical knife adjustment of 0.5µ/graduation
  • LN2 flow system for rapid sample stage cooling with 1 liter LN2 storage tank

Supplied complete with the following:

  • Instruction manual


  • Sample stage temperature range: +40C to -170C
  • Ultra high vacuum cryopumped chamber with large viewing window
  • Vacuum load lock system for sample loading and knife changing
  • Electron Beam Guns load locked in separate high vacuum chamber
  • ‘Light tight’ LN2 cooled anti contamination shield surrounding specimen
  • Precise temperature control of specimen stage with independent digital display of specimen holder temperature
  • Digital display of knife holder temperature
  • Easy to maintain, easy to clean system


  • Equipped with electron guns
  • Enjoy 30 or more evaporations between gun maintenance
  • Specimens and knife transferred by means of an eccentric rod that simply screws into the knife or specimen table
  • Set shadowing angles rapidly and precisely
  • Tilting always available, even during shadowing process (“DARS” Process – Double Axis Rotary Shadowing)
  • System allows unskilled operators to carry out experiments with ease
  • Clean, versatile replication
  • Comfortable, flexible, reliable

The JFD-V Freeze Fracture Instrument is a stand-alone, fully integrated, high vacuum cryogenic system for the production of metal replicas of cryofixed & fractured specimens.
Complete with unique vacuum load lock sample insertion holder, the JFD-V processes ultra rapidly frozen samples into high quality replicas in just a matter of minutes. The same vacuum load lock system is utilized for changing microtome blades without interfering with the main chamber vacuum.

Samples are loaded, inserted, fractured (microtomed or ruptured with double replica device), etched, shadow cast with evaporated platinum then stabilized with a thin coating of evaporated carbon, at a rate of 4 to 5 samples per hour. The entire process is carried out in the JFD-V ultra high vacuum chamber at precisely regulated temperature down to -170C.

A wide selection of specimen holders is available to accommodate most of the currently used cryoimmobilization methods including: high pressure freezing, metal mirror freezing and rapid plunging into super cooled liquid propane or ethane.
The sample stage incorporates a motor driven rotating specimen holder with 0 – 90° tilt for shadowing. A self contained 1 liter LN2 Dewar is directly linked to the sample stage for rapid cool down to -170C or lower in just a matter of minutes.

For high resolution electron microscopy applications, such as freeze-fracture replica immunogold labeling, the samples are protected from contamination by a combination of LN2 cooled anti-contamination shield and high capacity two stage helium cryopump.
For less stringent applications involving routine electron microscopic analysis the JFD-V can be supplied with a turbomolecular drag pump (TMP) in place of the closed cycle helium cryopump.

The electron beam guns for evaporating the platinum and carbon films are housed in an independent high vacuum chamber located immediately above and adjacent to the main specimen chamber. The two chambers are separated by a pneumatically operated load-lock valve enabling the operator to change EB gun materials and filaments without breaking the main chamber vacuum.

The main sample vacuum chamber is brightly illuminated with an internal LED system with 10x binocular microscope for viewing the specimen holder.


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