CRT-900 Microtome Cryosectioning System

Easy to install, Cryosectioning system for RMC MT-990 and Microm Rotary Microtomes

The ideal tool for:

  • Semi thin and standard thick sectioning at cryogenic temperatures for Optical and FTIR transmission microscopy applications.
  • Cryo-planing sample surfaces for Atomic Force and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Use with:

  • Glass or Diamond Knives to cut sections of thin plastic films, foils and paper samples down to 0.25 microns.
  • The cryo wet sectioning technique for stress free polymer sections and easy pick up
  • Histo Diamond or Glass Knives for biological samples


  • Compact controller fits conveniently on top of MT-990 controller
  • Precision microprocessor temperature control from ambient to -140C
  • Four user-adjustable temperature programs
  • Efficient cryogenic design with lowest LN2 consumption
  • Quick set-up and conversion back to room temperature microtomy
  • 9 liter Dewar fits on table-top, yet provides LN2 for a whole day’s use
  • Supplied with a complete set of accessories

A cryosectioning system attachment for use with the MT-990 Microtome (P/N 79001)
for semi-thin and standard thick sectioning at low temperatures.

  • Independent temperature control of knife and specimen (LED display).
  • Rotatable knife holder, and knife angle adjustment.
  • Knife holders for glass and diamond knives.
  • Automatic filling system by means of a non-pressurized displacement pump.

Supplied complete with the following:

  • Cryochamber with integrated knife holder
  • Specimen holder
  • Electronic control unit
  • Dewar with automatic filling system
  • Knife holders for 12mm glass, tungsten carbide blades and histo diamond knives Specifications:

Temperature Ambient to -140C

Compatibility RMC MT-990 and Microm Rotary Microtomes

LN2 Delivery System Compact 9 liter Dewar Efficient, non-contact transfer line
Consumption one liter per hour
Automatic filling system by means of a non-pressurized displaced pump
Knife Holder External knife rotation control knob + 16° Lateral knife adjustment 40mm
Knife clearance angle adjustment 0-10°
Control Unit Microprocessor control with 4 user-adjustable programs for knife and specimen temperatures
Independent temperature control of knife and specimen with LED indication
Cryochamber Large open design for easy access to specimen
Vertical stroke of 40mm Transparent cryochamber cover with large sample access window prevents frost within chamber

Dimensions Interior Chamber – H: 100mm, X W: 175mm, X D: 145mm
Exterior Chamber – H: 130mm, X W: 220mm, X D: 190mm

Power Requirements 100/110/120/220/240/ VAC, 50/60 Hz

Ordering Information Catalog # 79802
Cryochamber and Controller
Knife Holders for Tungsten Carbide Blades
Knife Holders for Glass and Diamond Knives
Specimen Holder
LN2 Transfer Line, LN2 Pump and LN2 Dewar Interconnect and Power Cables Accessory Box-Cryotools Instruction manual



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