CR-X Cryosectioning System

The Most Compact, User Friendly, Cryosectioning System Available

This is the most innovative cryosectioning attachment in history. Features like the “through the wall” arm, vibrationless LN2 delivery, and four temperature presets are now standard in the industry. Still the leader in convenience and performance.

CR-X Features

  • Excellent thin section quality.
  • Mounts and dismounts on almost any ultramicrotome in seconds.
  • Lowest LN2 consumption, 9 liters lasts about 11 hours.
  • Precision microprocessor temperature control from -180C to +35C.
  • Holds two glass or diamond knives and trimming tool.
  • Four user-adjustable temperature programs
  • Efficient cryogenic design with lowest LN2 consumption
  • Quick set-up and conversion back to room temperature ultramicrotomy
  • Nine liter Dewar fits on table-top, yet provides LN2 for a whole day’s use
  • Compatible with most modern ultramicrotomes
  • Heated chamber walls to eliminate condensation

Supplied complete with the following:

  • Insulated and externally heated cryosectioning chamber with internal LED chamber illumination and LED backlight
  • Cryo workstation with hand rests and tool tray ( Not with P/N 74353)
  • Cryo chamber covers (3)
  • Electronic control unit with 4 temperature memory channels and digital display of knife and specimen temperatures
  • Electrical interconnect cables
  • Specimen mounting pins (10 @ 2 mm, 3 mm, 6.5 mm)
  • Pin holders
  • Flat specimen holder
  • Four knife holders for combination of glass & diamond knives with optional tungsten carbide or diamond trimming tools
  • Microscope mounted breath shield
  • Assorted cryo tools
  • 9 Liter LN2 Dewar with cap
  • LN pump (non-pressurized) with insulated transfer line
  • Pump stand
  • Power supply unit
  • Instruction manual

Fits most modern ultramicrotomes:

RMC Models: PowerTome-X, PowerTome-XL and PowerTome-PC
(older models: MT-X and MT-XL)
Leica Ultracut UCT, E, R, S, and T

CR-X Specifications:

Temperature Range +35C to -180C
Models Available All RMC Powertome Ultramicrotomes
(plus RMC MT-X, MT-XL models, and Leica Ultracut UCT, E, R, S and T models)
LN2 Delivery System Compact 9 liter Dewar
Efficient non-contact transfer line
Knife Holders Standard holders include:
Dual glass knife holder with trimming tool
Diamond knife holder with trimming tool
12mm wide glass knife holder with trimming tool
Diamond Knife, Glass Knife holder, Side by Side
Knife Control External knife rotation control knob
External lateral movement knob
Knife clearance angle easily adjusted while cold
Control Unit Compact design can be conveniently positioned on tabletop or on top of PT-X or PT-XL controllers
Microprocessor control with 4 user-adjustable programs for knife and specimen temperatures
LED displays of knife and specimen set temperatures, and actual temperature readings
User controllable LN2 boil-off rate for frost prevention
Warm cycle quickly brings cryochamber back to room temperature.
<Cryochamber Quickly installs on ultramicrotome stage
Largest opening design for easy access to specimen
Fastest cool down times available
Easy removal for quick return to normal sectioning
Accessories Supplied with a complete accessory kit including:Knife Spacers, Flat Specimen Holder, Specimen Pin Holders, Specimen Pins: 2, 3 and 6.5mm, Cryo Tools, Knife Holder Retrieval Tool





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