ASH-100 Advanced Substrate Holder


Advanced Substrate Holder
for use with the PT-PC Ultramicrotomes

The RMC Boeckeler ASH-100 Advanced Substrate Holder is designed for ultramicrotome users who collect serial sections for array tomography and correlative workflows. It enables ribbons of ultrathin sections to be collected directly onto a conductive substrate from the ultramicrotome diamond knife.

Sections on the substrate

The substrate holder is mounted in front of the ATUMtome Ultramicrotome on its x-y positioning slide rail.

For this demanding application, a high performance vibration isolation table is recommended, as supplied with the ATUMtome. We also recommended the custom designed, large boat, Diatome diamond knife seen in this illustration.

For Array Tomography at nano-scale resolution this non-destructive method preserves the sectioned samples enabling correlative imaging. Different imaging techniques such as light microscopy (LM) and electron microscopy (EM) are applied on the same sample.


  1. Seven adjustable axes for precision positioning of the substrate in the diamond knife water trough
  2. Lift up micro positioning enables the operator to collect multiple ribbons of sections on the same substrate
  3. Compatible with ATUMtome automated tape collecting Ultramicrotome and may be set-up side by side on the same vibration isolation table system and mounting rail
  4. Available substrates include:
    Indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass coverslips
    Conductive silicon wafer segment

This multi-axis manipulation tool was developed by researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Cryo EM Centre, Bioquant, University Clinic Heidelberg.

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