2018 Cryo in the Sun Update

For five days our team focused on teaching the techniques of cryo-ultramicrotomy. This course featured hands-on instruction and special lectures from Helmut Gnaegi of Diatome. Don’t forget, Cryo in the Sun is free of charge for customers who purchase the MT990/CR 1000 package or PT line ultramicrotome/LN Ultra package systems.

Pictured left to right Helmut Gnaegi (special presenter, Diatome), Martin Žižek (SCAN Slovenia), Prashanth Gudinande (Gulf House Medical Systems, Bahrain), Chaiwat Prawettongsopon (Zeiss, Thailand)

Our itinerary included a number of lectures including:

  • Introduction and history of microtomy
  • Ultramicrotomy for materials and life sciences
  • Microtomy knives for think and ultra thin sectioning and surface analysis prep
  • Cryo-ultramicrotomy for materials and biological science applications
  • Advanced techniques for room temperature and cryo-ultramicrotomy

And hands on experience for:

  • Sectioning
  • Embedding and staining for (light and electron microscopy)
  • Using the RMC Glass Knife Maker (GKM2)
  • Cryo-Sectioning (dry and “wet”)
  • Use of the ATUMtome

Attendees also participated in discussion and Q&A sessions with Helmut Gnaegi from Diatome and with our facilitators Dr. Greg Becker, Dr. Bob Chiovetti, Len Ness, and Joel Leyva from RMC!

The five day course also featured catered daily lunch, a night out at one of Tucson’s most popular downtown restaurants and other fun, local activities and treats.

Cryo in the Sun is great course for service engineers, dealers and customers to learn the benefits and applications of cryo-microtomy. Please keep in mind that the 2019 course will be offered free of charge to customers who purchase a PT line ultramicrotome/LN Ultra package or MT990/CR 1000 package.

If you are interested in receiving more details about the 2019 course, please email Andrea at andrea@boeckeler.com.

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